It seems as if the town's architectonic treasures wanted to remind that the distinguished builder of the cathedral in Würzburk, Balthasar Neumann, was born in Cheb. Activities of prominent builders Christopher Dientzenhofer, A. Leutner, G. B. Alliprandi, P. Bayer a A. Pfeffer are documented by church and secular Baroque buildings. Only a few towns can show off with such rare landmarks. The Cheb castle protected by the Black Tower is one of the most beautiful Central European Roman landmarks. Behind the stone fortification, the stronghold hides a European rarity - rare two-floor Roman-Gothic chapel. The town's symbol, Spalicek, which was built in the 13th Century, but also other preserved burgess houses create an unrepeatable atmosphere of the Cheb's square. Significance of the landmarks is evidenced also by the fact that the town's historical center was designated a town historical reservation.
Historical landmarks:
The town house in the bottom part of the square is thanks to its lay-out, Gothic portal and Renaissance passage one of the best preserved burgess houses. In 1873, the town museum was founded there.
New town hall - The east side of the square is dominated by the new Baroque town hall, which was built between 1723 and 1728 according to the design of Prague court architect Giovanni Battista Alliprandi. Since 1962, there is the National Gallery of Fine Arts there.
Schirdingerův dům - patří mezi nejreprezentativnější domy celého náměstí dokumentující rozdílné etapy přestavby města.
Schirdinger's house - This house belongs among the most representative buildings of the whole square, which document different phases of town's reconstruction.
Franciscan church - The Minorite church was built simultaneously with a convent after 1247 when Franciscans settled in Cheb. A vestry and adjacent portion of walling has been preserved from the original building from the mid-13th Century. A cloister of the convent from the 1st half of the 14th Century is one of the most beautiful landmarks in the town's historical center.

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Cheb - Church of st.NicholasCheb - Church of st.Nicholas
Church of st.Nicholas
Cheb castleCheb castle
Cheb castle
Cheb - Monastery gardenCheb - Monastery garden
Monastery garden
Cheb - MuseumCheb - Museum
Cheb - Chapel of st. Erhard and UršulaCheb - Chapel of st. Erhard and Uršula
Chapel of st. Erhard and Uršula